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Make Incredible Videos In Any Setting With High-End Virtual Studios Library!

Turn ANY Video Into Professional TV Output With Futuristic Technology!

With Ultimate Studio Creator, You Can Remove Green Screens With One Click, Create Immersive Scenes, And Create Virtual Sets Easily!


A complete range of multipurpose “done for you” Virtual & Real Studio Sets.


It includes all the necessary modules and extensions to create interactive scenes, create 3D virtual studios, display video walls, and create dozens of video assets in one place.


With high-quality virtual studios, you can gain customer confidence.


Boost your video conversion rate and increase your earnings.


You don’t need advanced skills! You can create sophisticated, high-quality, professional 3D virtual studios even if you are a complete beginner.


Includes with hundreds of virtual studio and background that are perfect for any niche.


The video can be used for Green Screen Video, Live and Virtual Video, Broadcasting, Marketing, Presentations, Reviews, or YouTube videos.


Included with complete guide on how to use the product.


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You should never underestimate the power of video marketing.

Have you ever wondered why marketers and influencers are increasingly turning to videos and investing thousands of dollars in making them?

Professional videos can boost conversions and sales by 157%, according to studies.

Additionally, video marketing can help you rank higher on Google search results than your competitors – giving you juicy organic traffic. Statistics show that a website with embedded video is 53 times more likely to rank first in search results!

Additionally, a video on the landing page can boost conversions by up to 80% and boost revenue by 30%

Professional and engaging virtual studios will increase your impact, reach, and results

From the comfort of your own home, you can significantly increase traffic, search engine ranking, and conversions with video marketing.

People and the world have changed dramatically over the past few decades. Human attention spans have shrunk to eight seconds. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to be different.

Videos that are highly engaging will help you stand out and boost your conversions. But how do you make your videos highly engaging?

Video Background Plays A Critical Role In Making Your Videos Appealing And Attention-Grabbing.

Changing Your Video Background Can Be Achieved In Two Ways:

Creating your own studio: which will cost you upwards of thousands of dollars and you will be shooting all your videos in the same set. Not to mention the technical skills and time required to create a studio at home.

Using a green screen backdrop: sure, it’s cheaper than a studio, but the steep learning curve of professional editing softwares and headaches of editing will force you to hire a professional freelance editor. And due to high demand, the costs of outsourcing are skyrocketing.

What if I told you that there is now a much easier way to create professional and studio-quality videos that are highly, engaging and attention-grabbing?

It doesn’t require you to buy expensive equipment, lighting setup, or green screens. You don’t have to hire video editors or wait for weeks to get your video edited…

It’s a simple plug n play – empowering you to create studio-quality videos while sitting (or standing) at your home without frustration…

You will be able to create videos that inspire, motivate, and convert your visitors into paying customers…

Ultimate Studio Creator!

No limits to creativity with Creative Virtual Video Studio Creator

With One Dashboard, You Can Create Multipurpose Virtual Videos In ANY Niche.

With Ultimate Studio Creator, you can create a Virtual Video Studio for any business. Easily create videos that stand out, attract attention, and convert prospects into customers with easy-to-use templates.

With One Dashboard, You Can Create Multipurpose Virtual Videos In ANY Niche.

With Ultimate Studio Creator, you can create a Virtual Video Studio for any business. Easily create videos that stand out, attract attention, and convert prospects into customers with easy-to-use templates.

With one dashboard, you’ll have all the options you need!

Without additional software charges, you can create unlimited virtual video productions of pro-quality.

It comes with a video editing tool that offers hundreds of amazing effects and capabilities, such as green screen and live video walls.

Easily apply 3D virtual effects to your video.

User-friendly and does not require extensive training.

Ultimate Studio Creator is the ultimate way to create virtual studio or any engaging video super easily!

Create almost ANY type of video using a huge collection of unique 3D virtual studios. These studios can be used for video marketing, presentations, reviews, or live action projects that look like they were filmed in a real studio.

Super Easy To Edit
Just Drag & Drop Your Content Inside

With Ultimate Studio Creator you can give your videos a professional business look in under 10 minutes.

Step 01.
Pick from Ultimate Studio Creator Builder

Here you can choose from dozens of professional virtual studio scenes.

Step 02.
Drag and drop your media Inside

Drag your “media” into clearly marked sets in the video studio.

Step 03.
EDIT or CUSTOMIZE your videos

You can easily change the text size, fonts, colors with just one click.

Step 04.

Once you are done, its time to click render and your video will become more interactive, sophisticated, and profitable.

In Just A Few Minutes, You Can Transform Your Boring Video Into A Highly Captivating One

Fully Compatible With:

Introducing The

Plus, Get Access To  Library Of Hundreds Greenscreen Actors & Actress That You Can Use With Ultimate Studio Creator!

These green screen actors come with generic poses and formats with HQ resolution, so you can place them over any virtual studio, video, image or over anything you want to create that perfect video!

Preview These Green Actors Below:


To begin with, let’s see what you’d have to pay elsewhere for similar Templates…

The prices listed on the left are for a single virtual studio without the software!
* They require complicated editing software that costs $397.00 /yr!
* Usually, they don’t come with step-by-step video tutorials.
* There is usually a separate charge for their sound effects and background music!
* It wasn’t designed for internet marketers!

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Library of music tracks covering different genres such as electronic, epic, fear, mix of beats, upbeat and many more! These music tracks are perfect to use with the virtual studio in the Ultimate Studio Creator library.

Massive library of hundreds high resolution background videos, use these background videos to create different setting easily!

Add some advanced high tech effect with these premium motion backgrounds! There are hundreds of these HD picture perfect motion backgrounds that you can use with the virtual studio set to create cool effect!

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Ultimate Studio Creator

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Ultimate Studio Creator Is The Complete Package!

Ultimate Studio Creator is not a stand-alone video app. It comprises an add-on template package & a stand-alone 3D virtual studio. These templates were designed for Hitfilm Express, a free video editor. You will need Hitfilm Express to edit the templates in this package, which we will provide a link to download for free. Hitfilm Express is by far the best free video editor we have found online. Even though it's free, it's better than many paid video editors. - It works on both PCs and Macs.

  • Both PCs and Macs can use it.
  • This software is very feature-rich (similar to After Effects).
  • In comparison to After Effects, it is easier to use.
  • There are no watermarks, this is not a trial. Your videos can be exported in full 1080p HD.

Our Ultimate Studio Creator is based on Hitfilm Express because of all its features and benefits. A quick start tutorial shows you what you need to do to edit the 3D virtual studio. But if you prefer not to use Hitfilm Express, that's fine too.

The Ultimate Studio Creator comes with a library of additional 3D virtual studio assets that can be used with other video editing software, such as backdrops, green screen actors, etc.

Do I have to use Hitfilm Express?

You don't have to. If you prefer to use another video editor, you can import just the virtual studio scene sets into your editor. The templates, however, are for Hitfilm Express.

Can I sell the videos I make with this video builder to other businesses?

The videos you make using Ultimate Studio Creator templates can be resold. Make promotional videos for your clients and charge them hefty fees! BUT you are not allowed to resell or distribute any of the items in the Ultimate Studio Creator directly.

How will I receive the access?

* After your order has been processed an email with the login instruction will be automatically sent to your email, please check your email for the login instruction on how to access your ordered products.

Where can I get help?

* If you require any support with our product please contact us through our online helpdesk.

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